User testing and feedback

Target audience women ages 20-45.

Logo feedback and testing on final stages:

  • The final development of logo is clear that the letters are an ‘s’ and an ‘a’ as before on the previous designs the feedback was that it wasn’t obvious and clear.
  • The reflection on the top of the letters works as part of the design.
  • The pink pattern before didn’t go with the style and design of the website.
  • The final logo now works with the website with the use of colours and bold circle outlines. The style before was sketchy and didn’t fit well on the website. The bold circular line with colours now works as part of the design.
  • Bold, elegant and classy.
  • The white adds to the essence of glamour and high-end.
  • The use of colours works well with the website.

Website design testing/feedback:

  • The headings chosen were appropriate.
  • I like the four collections with the use of the alliteration ‘s.’ Makes it more personal to the user.
  • The patterns and imagery used for the collections gives you an essence of what your brand is all about. It is clear that pattern, print and colour are part of the overall brand.
  • Received good feedback on the designs for mobile.
  • Users said that the designs look like that would work for mobile. The design is easy to follow through the use of internal links whether they are text or image links.
  • The use of white space breaks up the designs and allowing breathing room between each sub section. This makes it clear and methodical to follow. This is also consistent with the website through the use of white space.
  • The user mentioned that having the email sign up form would be very successful. As they would be able to receive all information regarding the brand. The user said having this appear on the website and mobile consistent. The user said that everyone is on their mobile nowadays and this would mean that they wouldn’t miss out on any updates they could get after giving their email.

Social media testing/feedback:

  • After questioning most customers a majority of 70% have Instagram whom were the younger end of my target audience.
  • Everyone had heard of Instagram and those who don’t have it said they wouldn’t be opposed to using it.
  • Users thought the profile was successful in terms of designs and choice of posts.
  • The campaign idea came across well and users said that they could see this working on Instagram.

Next stages and feedback:

  • Having a celebrity influence. Taylor Swift. Incorporate her as brand ambassador in magazine spread and Instagram post.
  • Doing an extensional of the brand such as a beauty product or perfume.
  • Promotional aspect enticing the customer?

Marketing spread testing/feedback:

  • It is clear that the designs were taken from the website. (This shows the consistency)
  • The spreads work well as you can see the pattern is implemented across onto the opposite page with the model.
  • The alignment of the ordering and choice of typography works well and is appropriate for the user.
  • The use of colour and pattern is clear in the design. This makes it clear what the brand is about in terms of design.
  • The inclusion of Taylor Swift would work well in the spread. The user said that i could have an image of Taylor Swift in the Sophie Anne collection.

Perfume promotion feedback:

  • The feedback overall was very positive and successful for the perfume bottle.
  • Users said they love promotions and offers it is what keeps them interested in the brand.
  • If the customer is exiting this shows the loyalty with them towards the brand. On the other hand if the customer is a new potential then this could be an incentive for them to purchase or invest within the brand.
  • One user commented on the design of the brand and name said they thought it has potential and could definitely see this as a product for the brand.
  • A user mentioned the design of the bottle saying that the colours were appropriate as they coincided with the design on the website. Also the name of the perfume is successful along with the pastel colour scheme.
  • feedback into the seasonal perfume was something a few users pin pointed. They said that this would be a unique and great idea saying that this is a clever idea. They said they could see this working for the brand and overall think this idea has much potential and could be successful.

Celebrity Influence – Taylor Swift feedback:

  • Overall feedback was positive for the choice of celebrity influence.
  • Users thought the play on the letter ‘s’ was successful in terms of the campaign i am ‘swift’ in my hash tag sophieannecollection. Users said that this is a great idea and advocate for the brand.
  • The younger end of the target audience said that Taylor Swift has great style and having the celebrity endorsement could be a persuasion tool for a lot of people.

LOGO developed final stages


After going through many designs i realised that it wasn’t clear that the logo design was a representation of my initials ‘S’ and ‘A.’

At first it was about the reflection of the letter S flipped so that it would be a lower case ‘A.’ However after getting feedback it was clear that this reflection wasn’t completely working to make it obvious what it was.

Therefore in order to keep the resemblance of reflection i keep the top of the letters as you can see on the last design above. The refection was obvious at the top. Then at the bottom the shape of each letter was clear to represent an ‘S’ and an ‘A.’

Developed logo designs


  • To much going on very overloaded
  • To much pattern maybe the text should be filled in white
  • The Serif Font maybe to much with the outward flicks.
  • It is not clear that the letters are meant to be an ‘S’ and an ‘A.’
  • The choice of font for ‘Sophie Anne’ needs more consideration.

Logo ideas developed on screen

File_000 (13)File_001 (7)File_002 (7)


  • Trying to portray to much in one logo. Need to re think the overall look and message. Simple sometimes is best.
  • Think more about choice of font used to portray the letters ‘S’ and ‘A’.
  • The choice of patterns may be to much. Possibly need to make them more simpler or subtle to make the brand more high end. After looking though the high end logo the overall theme is simple and elegance.