Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.27.50.png

Analysis on design:

  • The use of navigation for the website is in the from of a scroll down to the user. this was done with the intention to make it as easy a methodical for the user in a way which creates hierarchy.
  • The navigation bar is at the top of the website which displays all the headings for the user. The use of the drop-down menu would be used. For example under ‘women’ would be the spring collection which would display all four collection in separate links. This is also displayed on the front of the website to the user.
  • The heading ‘step into spring with Sophie annes must haves’ was done as it is a common thing on other websites. Such as ‘Michael Kors must haves’
  • A pastel them is used throughout the design as this is subject to spring time of year. This is implemented across other media and other forms of my brand.
  • The use of colour was complemented with pattern as this makes it clear to the user the essence of our brand. This is also transferred across other media and platforms which all centre back to the logo and identification of the brand.
  • The campaign is also shown on the homepage of the weskit as this is an important aspect to the brand. My social media used is Instagram as found through research to be the best platform for my target audience. This is where the campaign takes place as the user upload images of themselves in the ‘sophieannecollection.’ These posts are then shared and searched through Instagram and are not filtered unlike other social media platforms. This allows hash tags to be found and shared across Instagram allowing the brand to be shown worldwide increasing the potential customers and interest within sophieanne.
  • The choice of typography for the heading ‘Sophie Anne’ is a classic serif font which adds to the elegance and glamour of the website and brand.
  • The main font used throughout the website is a serif font which is clean and simple which adds to the high-end aspect of the brand.
  • When the user opens the website the email sign up from will be the first thing that appears to the user. This is where the user enters their email and this will then be stored onto a database. The user will then receive anything and everything about Sophie Anne from our latest promotions and offers to upcoming events in store.

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