Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.51.25.png


  • Promotional tool highlighting ‘spring floral.’
  • Done in conjunction with the offer when you pen so much on your first order you get a free sample of this perfume.
  • This is a small incentive for the existing and potential customers of Sophie Anne.
  • For the existing customers it is to express the loyalty within the brand by giving something back.
  • This is also to entice the new customers into purchasing with Sophie Anne.
  • The design of the perfume was to coincide with truth brand essence of pattern, bold, colour and print. The floral design was to represent this time of the year which is why i names the product ‘spring floral.’ The design was inspired from Daisy By Marc Jacobs another high end fashion Brand.
  • The floral pattern was implemented into a design within the background this was to coincide with the website and essence of the brand to the audience.
  • The choice of typography used is consistent with other platforms that i have used.
  • This is a seasonal perfume for the spring time of the year. I would intend to have this all year round. The name and design would be changed depending on each season. However there would be a clear link within each design and within the brand essence overall.

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