Mobile version of website

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 15.06.38.png

Analysis of mobile versions:

  • Mobile commerce of my website.
  • All fashion brand now include mobile commerce as nowadays people are constantly connected to their mobile phones.
  • The email sign up form was also included on the mobile versions so that user on mobile won’t miss out on anything which is on the website.
  • The design on the mobiles and done on most sites was simplified from the website. The user is directed through the site with the use of imagery and text which is internal hyperlinks to the user.
  • The sue of white space was implanted and transferred from the web design so that the design has some breathing space and allows fro easy transmission between each section. This makes it clear to the user a creates a from of hierarchy.
  • The navigation bar was simplified to four main links to the user, ‘Menu’ ‘Search bar’ ‘My account’ and ‘My bag.’ This was influenced from looking into other mobile version such as Michael Kors and DKNY.

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