Identity- Logo

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.26.36.png

Analysis of logo design:

  • The design was done to represent myself ‘Sophie Anne’ just like Gucci. The brand name reflects all aspects what i like in terms of patterns, print and colour. This is the essence of the brand as is what i wanted to portray in the logo.
  • The use of the pastel colours is used to complement the web design.
  • The initial represent my name
  • The initials were done to create a form of symmetry and reflection at the top which is shown with the reflection of the arch.
  • The Serif style font creates a more classy and elegant font which captures the high end glamour of the brand. This was also achieved through the use of the white space in the logo makes it appear more striking and classy.
  • The bold circular outlines are used to highlight the initials and the colours and patterned essence to show capture the print and colour aspect of the brand.

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