User testing and feedback

Target audience women ages 20-45.

Logo feedback and testing on final stages:

  • The final development of logo is clear that the letters are an ‘s’ and an ‘a’ as before on the previous designs the feedback was that it wasn’t obvious and clear.
  • The reflection on the top of the letters works as part of the design.
  • The pink pattern before didn’t go with the style and design of the website.
  • The final logo now works with the website with the use of colours and bold circle outlines. The style before was sketchy and didn’t fit well on the website. The bold circular line with colours now works as part of the design.
  • Bold, elegant and classy.
  • The white adds to the essence of glamour and high-end.
  • The use of colours works well with the website.

Website design testing/feedback:

  • The headings chosen were appropriate.
  • I like the four collections with the use of the alliteration ‘s.’ Makes it more personal to the user.
  • The patterns and imagery used for the collections gives you an essence of what your brand is all about. It is clear that pattern, print and colour are part of the overall brand.
  • Received good feedback on the designs for mobile.
  • Users said that the designs look like that would work for mobile. The design is easy to follow through the use of internal links whether they are text or image links.
  • The use of white space breaks up the designs and allowing breathing room between each sub section. This makes it clear and methodical to follow. This is also consistent with the website through the use of white space.
  • The user mentioned that having the email sign up form would be very successful. As they would be able to receive all information regarding the brand. The user said having this appear on the website and mobile consistent. The user said that everyone is on their mobile nowadays and this would mean that they wouldn’t miss out on any updates they could get after giving their email.

Social media testing/feedback:

  • After questioning most customers a majority of 70% have Instagram whom were the younger end of my target audience.
  • Everyone had heard of Instagram and those who don’t have it said they wouldn’t be opposed to using it.
  • Users thought the profile was successful in terms of designs and choice of posts.
  • The campaign idea came across well and users said that they could see this working on Instagram.

Next stages and feedback:

  • Having a celebrity influence. Taylor Swift. Incorporate her as brand ambassador in magazine spread and Instagram post.
  • Doing an extensional of the brand such as a beauty product or perfume.
  • Promotional aspect enticing the customer?

Marketing spread testing/feedback:

  • It is clear that the designs were taken from the website. (This shows the consistency)
  • The spreads work well as you can see the pattern is implemented across onto the opposite page with the model.
  • The alignment of the ordering and choice of typography works well and is appropriate for the user.
  • The use of colour and pattern is clear in the design. This makes it clear what the brand is about in terms of design.
  • The inclusion of Taylor Swift would work well in the spread. The user said that i could have an image of Taylor Swift in the Sophie Anne collection.

Perfume promotion feedback:

  • The feedback overall was very positive and successful for the perfume bottle.
  • Users said they love promotions and offers it is what keeps them interested in the brand.
  • If the customer is exiting this shows the loyalty with them towards the brand. On the other hand if the customer is a new potential then this could be an incentive for them to purchase or invest within the brand.
  • One user commented on the design of the brand and name said they thought it has potential and could definitely see this as a product for the brand.
  • A user mentioned the design of the bottle saying that the colours were appropriate as they coincided with the design on the website. Also the name of the perfume is successful along with the pastel colour scheme.
  • feedback into the seasonal perfume was something a few users pin pointed. They said that this would be a unique and great idea saying that this is a clever idea. They said they could see this working for the brand and overall think this idea has much potential and could be successful.

Celebrity Influence – Taylor Swift feedback:

  • Overall feedback was positive for the choice of celebrity influence.
  • Users thought the play on the letter ‘s’ was successful in terms of the campaign i am ‘swift’ in my hash tag sophieannecollection. Users said that this is a great idea and advocate for the brand.
  • The younger end of the target audience said that Taylor Swift has great style and having the celebrity endorsement could be a persuasion tool for a lot of people.

Mobile version of website

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 15.06.38.png

Analysis of mobile versions:

  • Mobile commerce of my website.
  • All fashion brand now include mobile commerce as nowadays people are constantly connected to their mobile phones.
  • The email sign up form was also included on the mobile versions so that user on mobile won’t miss out on anything which is on the website.
  • The design on the mobiles and done on most sites was simplified from the website. The user is directed through the site with the use of imagery and text which is internal hyperlinks to the user.
  • The sue of white space was implanted and transferred from the web design so that the design has some breathing space and allows fro easy transmission between each section. This makes it clear to the user a creates a from of hierarchy.
  • The navigation bar was simplified to four main links to the user, ‘Menu’ ‘Search bar’ ‘My account’ and ‘My bag.’ This was influenced from looking into other mobile version such as Michael Kors and DKNY.


Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.51.25.png


  • Promotional tool highlighting ‘spring floral.’
  • Done in conjunction with the offer when you pen so much on your first order you get a free sample of this perfume.
  • This is a small incentive for the existing and potential customers of Sophie Anne.
  • For the existing customers it is to express the loyalty within the brand by giving something back.
  • This is also to entice the new customers into purchasing with Sophie Anne.
  • The design of the perfume was to coincide with truth brand essence of pattern, bold, colour and print. The floral design was to represent this time of the year which is why i names the product ‘spring floral.’ The design was inspired from Daisy By Marc Jacobs another high end fashion Brand.
  • The floral pattern was implemented into a design within the background this was to coincide with the website and essence of the brand to the audience.
  • The choice of typography used is consistent with other platforms that i have used.
  • This is a seasonal perfume for the spring time of the year. I would intend to have this all year round. The name and design would be changed depending on each season. However there would be a clear link within each design and within the brand essence overall.


Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.53.59Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.54.08Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.54.16

Analysis on design:

  • This is an example of the spreads which would be in my sophieannecollection.
  • The first example is my ‘sassy floral’ which is about the pastel floral vibes which was implemented onto the top of the model on the opposite page.
  • The second example is ‘stylish pattern’ which is all about the expressive, bold vibrant patterns this was implemented onto the models trousers on the opposite page.
  • Taylor Swift is on the third example which is for the ‘ sexy lace’ collection.
  • The choice of typography is consistent with the website and all other media. A classic sans serif font which is clean simple and elegant. Something which is clear and works well when expressing a bold statement.
  • Additionally the typography has the use of the pattern within this creates the link with the pattern in the background.

Social Media/ Instagram

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.41.21.png


  • Social media competition.
  • The purpose of the competition is for the user to load a selfie of themselves in ‘sophieannecollection’ and share amongst other followers with the hash tag ‘SAstyestealselfie.’ The user would now be in with a chance of ‘stealing’ or winning a a whole new outfit from the ‘sophieannecollection.’
  • This was inspired from Michael Kors hash tag ‘MKtimeless’ where the user uploads an image of their own Michael Kors watch. This then enters them in with a chance of winning a brand new Michael Kors watch.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.29.53


  • This is my social media campaign.
  • The user uploads an image of themselves in the ‘sophieannecollection’ and describes themselves with the letter ‘s.’
  • For example the image above shows the user displays the adjective ‘symmetrical’ is my ‘sophieannecollection.’
  • This was inspired from Calvin Klein with the advocate Justin Beiber I dream in my hash tag ‘MyCalvins.’

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.30.02

Analysis on social media:

  • This is my Instagram page for all things Sophieanne.
  • I have posted images from the magazine such as my ‘sassy floral’ collection. I also have a post of the model in the item of clothing which has the patterns from this collection.
  • I have also included a post from my brand ambassador Taylor Swift. Where it says i am ‘swift’ in my hash tag ‘sophieannecollection.’ I decided Taylor Swift would be a good celebrity to use as she has such as huge fan base. She is multitalented and has a good sense of style and isn’t afraid to take fashion risks. The essence of my brand is bold, colourful with print and patterns which relates well to Taylor Swifts style.



Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.27.50.png

Analysis on design:

  • The use of navigation for the website is in the from of a scroll down to the user. this was done with the intention to make it as easy a methodical for the user in a way which creates hierarchy.
  • The navigation bar is at the top of the website which displays all the headings for the user. The use of the drop-down menu would be used. For example under ‘women’ would be the spring collection which would display all four collection in separate links. This is also displayed on the front of the website to the user.
  • The heading ‘step into spring with Sophie annes must haves’ was done as it is a common thing on other websites. Such as ‘Michael Kors must haves’
  • A pastel them is used throughout the design as this is subject to spring time of year. This is implemented across other media and other forms of my brand.
  • The use of colour was complemented with pattern as this makes it clear to the user the essence of our brand. This is also transferred across other media and platforms which all centre back to the logo and identification of the brand.
  • The campaign is also shown on the homepage of the weskit as this is an important aspect to the brand. My social media used is Instagram as found through research to be the best platform for my target audience. This is where the campaign takes place as the user upload images of themselves in the ‘sophieannecollection.’ These posts are then shared and searched through Instagram and are not filtered unlike other social media platforms. This allows hash tags to be found and shared across Instagram allowing the brand to be shown worldwide increasing the potential customers and interest within sophieanne.
  • The choice of typography for the heading ‘Sophie Anne’ is a classic serif font which adds to the elegance and glamour of the website and brand.
  • The main font used throughout the website is a serif font which is clean and simple which adds to the high-end aspect of the brand.
  • When the user opens the website the email sign up from will be the first thing that appears to the user. This is where the user enters their email and this will then be stored onto a database. The user will then receive anything and everything about Sophie Anne from our latest promotions and offers to upcoming events in store.

Identity- Logo

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.26.36.png

Analysis of logo design:

  • The design was done to represent myself ‘Sophie Anne’ just like Gucci. The brand name reflects all aspects what i like in terms of patterns, print and colour. This is the essence of the brand as is what i wanted to portray in the logo.
  • The use of the pastel colours is used to complement the web design.
  • The initial represent my name
  • The initials were done to create a form of symmetry and reflection at the top which is shown with the reflection of the arch.
  • The Serif style font creates a more classy and elegant font which captures the high end glamour of the brand. This was also achieved through the use of the white space in the logo makes it appear more striking and classy.
  • The bold circular outlines are used to highlight the initials and the colours and patterned essence to show capture the print and colour aspect of the brand.

LOGO developed final stages


After going through many designs i realised that it wasn’t clear that the logo design was a representation of my initials ‘S’ and ‘A.’

At first it was about the reflection of the letter S flipped so that it would be a lower case ‘A.’ However after getting feedback it was clear that this reflection wasn’t completely working to make it obvious what it was.

Therefore in order to keep the resemblance of reflection i keep the top of the letters as you can see on the last design above. The refection was obvious at the top. Then at the bottom the shape of each letter was clear to represent an ‘S’ and an ‘A.’

Developed logo designs


  • To much going on very overloaded
  • To much pattern maybe the text should be filled in white
  • The Serif Font maybe to much with the outward flicks.
  • It is not clear that the letters are meant to be an ‘S’ and an ‘A.’
  • The choice of font for ‘Sophie Anne’ needs more consideration.