Logo ideas developed on screen

File_000 (13)File_001 (7)File_002 (7)


  • Trying to portray to much in one logo. Need to re think the overall look and message. Simple sometimes is best.
  • Think more about choice of font used to portray the letters ‘S’ and ‘A’.
  • The choice of patterns may be to much. Possibly need to make them more simpler or subtle to make the brand more high end. After looking though the high end logo the overall theme is simple and elegance.

My Clothing Style-mood board

File_002 (6).jpeg

From doing this mood board and research into existing fashion i have decided to narrow down my brand into four different categories. These categories are floral, lace, pattern and shimmer. This will determine the brand itself and what it is all about.

4 Main sections to my fashion brand: FLORAL, LACE, PATTERN & SHIMMER.

After research into other high end high street brands i have found that they all have their own collections and brand names. This makes the brand have an identity which makes it more personal to the user. When thinking of a brand or collection the user can identify which fashion brand that is which makes it memorable and popular to the audience.

Therefore i have chosen four main clothing materials and will narrow this down creating names for each category which will go in the Sophie Anne collection. Each collection will be identified with an image which will represent that label/collection.

The four sections i will design will be inspired from these designs above. I will take the elementsĀ of pattern and colour to encompass my own design for each of the headings, Floral, lace, pattern and shimmer.