Clothing style inspiration

Pattern and Print Inspiration from the runway

How to wear prints and patterns:





Summary of what i want my brand to be

Target audience

Profile Created:

  • Women ages 20-45 and above but mainly between this range according to research.
  • Younger audience and between this range because of social media being a bit connection and link. Targeting women who frequently use social media such as Instagram being a main one in particular.
  • Willing to spend that bit extra but generally prices to be lower than other high ends such as Gucci and Channel. Michael Kors and Guess are the similar price range i want to blend.
  • Want to spend money on practical purchases.
  • Working women in a we’ll paid job.
  • Independent women.
  • Younger side of target audience would admire this self and want to be that successful women in high end job. They still purchase from my brand but more as a luxury gift not multiple accessories.

What i want my brand to sell

  • Clothes
  • handbags/purses
  • Shoes/heels
  • Jewellery

Representation/style of brand

  • Pattern
  • Floral
  • Design
  • Print
  • Colour
  • Texture

Celebrity influence ( If i was to have one)

  • Taylor Swift as she is multitalented super star which such a huge Instagram following base. She will attract a wide range of people. Her style is very different and unique she is not afraid to wear what she wants.