Existing website design analysis

Website design analysis

(Websites analysis is subject to spring time of year)

 -Michael Kors

What works as part of the design?

You are not overloaded with block colour and information which at first can be overwhelming to the viewer. You have the use of white colour around the content in the middle. This creates more of a hierarchy as this is a scroll down. This white space separates the colours and shapes making it easier to follow.

The use of shapes has been used to construct the design. Each section of shape is an internal link within the website.

Navigation throughout website?

The use of the arrows create the sense of direction throughout the website. This website is navigated through the use of the scroll down.

Colours used?

Common colour used is gold with a shimmery feel. This creates an essence of glamour and elegance.

The websites are constantly changing and keeping up with fashion trends so this colours are subject to change.

At the present moment for spring the colours are bright and colourful with hints of summer prints and fashion coming soon.

Typography used?

Most of the typography used is in the form of a sans serif typeface. This is with the exception of the main headings of the sections, which display a Serif typeface, which presents a more decorative typeface to stand out against the sans serif. This is also done in Italics, which adds to the design to make it stand out more as a heading to the reader.

What makes this website successful?

Destination Kors

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.53.31.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.54.34.png

Destination Kors takes you on a day out in LA. It starts of the day with a perfect morning hike at the RUNYON CANYON PARK, whilst bearing in mind your clothing for the day. Lily says “My number one packing item for California is a great pair of sneakers for hiking.”

Destination kors is a great feature to the website allowing the viewers to gain an insight to LA along with the perfect outfit to match.

Blues Traveller is currently on the website as it is spring.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.05.33.png

Blues Traveller shows you the latest trends for this season. ‘Blues’ referring to the shades of clothes to handbags and accessories.

This is something to gain interest from viewers as they want to keep up with the latest trends. The imagery and choice of title is appealing as it makes you think of travelling and being out in the sun-enjoying life. This image is persuading you to look through the collection as you want to feel and look like this.

Conclusions and elements which could be taken forward into my design…

  • Having a added feature which could describe a location around the world and the perfect outfit to match.
  • Choosing imagery which can persuade and entice the viewers and the target audience.
  • Having a feature which will show the latest trends.
  • Selecting trend names and styles which appeal to the viewer.



What makes this successful:

  • The design has been narrowed down so it is clear for the user to scroll down.
  • Different imagery has been used on the opening page but still the same content is used.
  • The design is very simple and clean with the use of white space.
  • The imagery and bold headings create the hierarchy of information and make it clear what is separate from each other.
  • Each heading is the same as the website the clear bold sans serif typeface against the smaller typeface underneath.
  • The navigation bar has been condensed to icons for the user rather than having each of the headings of the website. This is a common and popular thing for mobile versions. It creates ease and simplification for the user.



What works as part of the design?

The use of white space creates an edgy feel to the website. It gives the essence and feel of a high end fashion brand but being elegant and bold.

Use of Photography is used which further adds to the high end fashion brand. The use of back and white imagery adds to the elegance and makes the brand have a classy feel.

Navigation throughout website?

The navigation is the same as Michael Kors where it is a scroll down. The images have internal links which you click on and will direct to another page.

Colours used?

The colours are very natural and neutral which is effective for this season trend of spring. As the imagery has colour and pattern the background is therefore minimal so that there is a distraction.

Typography used?

The use of the contemporary font of Sans Serif seems to be used throughout the website. This is common on the Internet as these fonts are clear and easy to read.

What makes this website successful?

The use of minimalistic design throughout works for this brand. It creates a high end glamour and feel of class and elegance.

The use of professional high end photography makes this website feel very established and glamourous.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.21.02.png

On the homepage there is heading such as ‘Modern functionality’ and ‘smart casual’ which appeal to different styles and people. These headings allow the viewer to select the appropritae heading to what they may be looking for.

What elements could be taken forward into my design?

I particularly like the cleverly chosen use of heading names to entice the audience, such as ‘step into fall’ and ‘cosy up.’ These quick simple headings add to the designer and make it sound more appealing to look into as opposed to ‘fall collection’ or ‘jumpers.’




What makes this successful:

  • Again the mobile version is very clean and elegant just like the web view. The user is directed through the mobile site with ease as it is designed so simply to the user.
  • The use of white space works in design as it departed each heading and image making it clear the user what is next.
  • There is a clear hierarchy of information which is achieved through the bold headings and white space.
  • Their navigation has been condensed to two headings ‘shop’ and ‘bag.’ The shop heading when selected opens a drop down menu of all the remaining categories which opens and fills that page. This makes it convenient and easier for the user when on their mobile phone.


What works as part of the design?

Very similar to DNKY. The design is bold and elegant with the minimal colour used in the background.

The imagery is bold and appealing with the choice of eye catching headings alongside.

Colours used?

This is similar to DNKY with the choice of colours as the imagery and photography has the colour. The colours are mainly blue jean colour. Nothing to expressive as it would deter away from the high end glamour feel.

Typography used?

Sans Serif font is used throughout the website. Bold and clean which creates the direct heading drawing you in.

The use of the bold type stands out on the headings with the adjectives drawing the viewer.

What makes this website successful?

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.44.43.png

Promotions is what draws the user in to purchase. This offer is bold and direct which will instantly gain the viewers response.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.25.02.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.26.12.png

‘I am…in#My calvins’ is a global campaign for Calvin Klein this spring.

This concept allows people to express their individuality and imagination by allowing yourself to be free with who they are which creates its sensuality.

The new tagline is a call to action. “I ___ in #mycalvins,” which moves from the previous passive, solo moment of the static selfie to live action, supporting the concept that the movement and moments in life are what creates its sensuality and sexiness.

“This campaign is representative of how culture is evolving as we speak,” said Melisa Goldie, chief marketing officer of Calvin Klein Inc. “We’re bringing together a diverse mix of provocateurs with a unique collective of visual artists to create content that sparks and drives cultural conversation. Millennials reject labels when it comes to their own identities, and they want products that are personalized and individual, which we’re achieving as Calvin Klein moves toward further establishing itself as a lifestyle-centric global brand.” She said to do that, they have to recognize that people don’t want traditional one-sided advertising anymore. Instead, she believes, they want to participate in campaigns that capture their imagination.


What elements could be taken forward into my design?

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.42.06.png

  • My brand is all about florals and patterns which is all about movement and being expressive. Therefore this idea of music or dancing could be incorporated into my brand and design.
  • The ‘I am…in#My calvins’ is a great added feature to this website as it appeals to everyone. This was a global campaign which was very successful with the use of celebrities used. This is something i could take forward into my website and implement in a form of accessory or item of clothing. This would also have the direct link to Instagram and would also appeal to a wider audience.
  • Promotions and offers draws the audience in to buy.




What makes this successful:

  • On this mobile version you also have the option to ‘sign up for the newsletter’ which also appeared on the web version.  Think shows the consistency from both versions and also it is successful as people do order from their phone so wouldn’t want to miss out on all updates from their newsletters. Also receiving a discount off their next order.
  • The mobile version design again has been smiled from their web version with the imagery and headings being the hierarchy of information to the user.
  • The mobile version is easy to follow and methodical to the user which makes it successful when searching and possibly purchasing a product.


-Ralph Lauren

What works as part of the design?

The use of photography is well considered as part of the design. Each photograph used is of quality and colour, which makes the overall design lively and real to the audience.

The use of imagery and models with the clothing adhering to the type of style. The examples are shown above such as ‘modern elegance’ the choice of colour and clothing blend and work well together. There are a selection of different types for the audience to look through this is current for the spring season.

Navigation throughout website?

The navigation on the website is in the form of a scroll down. Also the use of square imagery which has internal links for the viewer to click on.

Colours used? 

White background against black/ blue writing. The photography displays the colour which is bold and bright.

Typography used?

The use of the sub headings is in a Serif typeface whilst the typography underneath is in a Sans Serif typeface.

What makes this website successful?

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.58.49.png

Ralph Lauren social is a new aspect to this sight which allows the viewers to look through a selection of images. These images are are about Ralph Lauren from clothing, shoes to stores and building. If you click onto an image from social media you will have the option to shop the item of clothing.

What elements could be taken forward into my design?

  • Ralph Lauren social is a successful part of the website which keeps the viewers updated and interested. I could take this idea froward into my design where there is a section of latest posts from people on social media.




  • Ralph Lauren have this advertisement on the website and mobile where they want you to join the fight against cancer. They are giving you 20% off your next order. Having this on both versions like Calvin Klein creates the consistency to the user also doesn’t allow you o miss out if you were ordering from your phone.
  • The mobile version similar to the others has been implied in hierarchy with the choice of imagery and headings. However on this design the imagery fills the whole space as compared to the other mobile versions. The imagery fills the mobile screen not allowing for any white space. Although i feel this still works are creates a flow for the user.
  • Again the navigation bar has been simplified so that it is condensed of the user. The icons at the top of the screen allow the user to click and a drop down menu will follow.


What works as part of the design?

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 13.18.20.png

The scroll across is the first thing you see on the homepage this is instantly drawing the user in. There are multiple headings with the sue of imagery which have options to the viewer which give variety also a style guide to this seasons collection.

Navigation used?

The navigation is a scroll down through the website. There is also the use of imagery with heading which have internal links.

Colours used?

Minimalistic colours again is used in the background behind the use of old imagery which are on a spring trend.

Typography used?

Bold sans serif headings are used to capture the viewers attention. The use of bold internal links works as part of the design and navigation.

What makes this website successful?

The use of headings such as ‘Your time is now’ and ‘new vibes’ are successful in drawing the viewer in to see the latest on trend collections.

What elements could be taken forward into my design?

  • Selecting headings and names to draw the reader in on the latest trends.



What makes this successful:

  • Their mobile version is very similar to their web version where on the homepage they have the same imagery and choice of promotions at the top of the page. This creates the consistency and allows users on their phones not to miss out on any offers or promotions which are displayed on the web.
  • The mobile design similar to the website with the white space with the headings and imagery this creates a clear hierarchy to the user.
  • The navigation bar has been simplified in the form of icons and the top of the page which will follow with a drop down menu for the user.
  • Searching through the watches the user has the option to click in the heart which will allow this item to be saved to your favourites. This allows the user after viewing products to go to their favourites page and look at the ones which were favoured rather than going back through all the products again.




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