Website design inspirations


Inspirations and ideas to take forward into designing: What makes the website design successful?

  • Choice of colour/colours what works well together
  • Pop and embrace of colour suitable for my brand
  • Having  a clear hierarchy of information which is clear for the user to follow.
  • Most of these examples have a scroll down menu. When designing need to make are that the information flows and has an order which is clear to the user.
  • Patterns and print should be used within the design as it represents the brand. The web design has got to express and have the illusion of the brand to the viewer.
  • Choice of typography has clearly been chosen for the intended purposes. For example having a bold heading and regular sub heading. Thus creating the hierarchy of information to the user.
  • Pattern shape and layout need to be thought out. I particularly like the idea of a scroll down on the site (fluidity and expansion as you scroll down)
  • Choice of imagery
  • Imagery onto of image. Choice of background image needs to stand out in this case.
  • Repeated pattern or imagery works in design which is something i would like to take forward
  • Headings and sub headings and main text need to have a hierarchy so there is a clear order

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