Existing promotions/advertising

Advertising promotions

Signing up to a newsletter

Email Census 2013 found that more than half of responding companies achieve 10% of their sales directly from email marketing.”

-The examples below the email sign up arrived immediately to the user.

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Why is this successful?

By having the email pop up on a fashion webpage the user can be instantly connected with this brand. By giving the website your email you can receive information about latest upcoming deals and promotions.

From personal opinion i shop online frequently and have found this option of sending you email very useful. I receive emails all the time from retailers i have signed up with. This gives me the latest information about offers and deals.

More information: https://econsultancy.com/blog/63124-email-sign-up-forms-a-look-at-how-16-fashion-retailers-collect-customer-data/




Why is this successful?

  • Bicester village is one of many designer outlets which have up to more than 130 boutiques.
  • These outlets have designers brands from Ted Baker to Michael Kors.
  • They have promotions and offers to gain a range of people
  • .This vard above is a VIP card which allows you to have a discount in certain stores. This is something will will persuade people to buy from these luxury brands with this saving. The VIP card makes it more of a personal experience to the audience.

What could be taken forward/ elements/ conclusions?

  • I could take this idea forward for my new brand where you could get sent a VIP card from your first purchase. This card will have a validity date on it and could be used on your next purchase with use. This card can be used online and in store also.



Ralph Lauren promotion.

Why is this successful?

Promotions and offers to entice the viewer to spend within Ralph Lauren.

Drawing the reader in and gaining their interest making you feel special by giving you a gift.


Bicester Village calendar of events to hand out to public.

Why is this successful?

Allows reader to see upcoming events and promotions. Along with choice of food and music all adding to the unique shopping experience.



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File_006 (1)File_003 (3)File_001 (3)

Ideas/elements which could be taken forward into my brand

  • Pattern and print is key to my brand.
  • Having background of prints and patterns from my brand would work well.
  • Having names for the each collection and types of elements to my brand such as ‘Lace’ ‘Florals.’
  • I like the transparency paper with the pattern this adds substance rot the catalogue and makes it more appealing whilst highlighting the pattern within the clothing or accessory.

High end magazines: Bazaar & Glamour

File_000 (18)File_000 (19)File_001 (12)File_001 (13)File_002 (12)File_003 (10)File_004 (8)File_005 (8)File_006 (7)File_007 (6)File_008 (6)File_009 (4)


Luxury brands perfume:

File_002 (13)File_003 (11)

File_004 (9)

What value do fragrance lines add to a luxury brand?

  • Some experts believe that marketing less-expensive items such as fragrances and cosmetics will help keep them afloat during a spending suspension in light of threats of a double-dip recession.
  • In fact, an increase in cosmetic sales have been historically linked to cases that show consumers will stop spending money on pricier luxury items such as handbags and couture during economic townturns (see story).
  • This could be why luxury houses are fighting so fervently for their fragrance lines.
  • Consumers who cannot afford branded couture, footwear or handbags could use fragrances as an entry point into a luxury label’s world.
  • That said, brand extensions can be tricky and could lead to negative consequences, such as lower price points, letting in a lower-end customer base.
  • However, since Louis Vuitton is already well-known for its high quality and luxury status, neither Mr. Ries nor Mr. Ramey thinks that it will damage the brand.
  • “The potential negative effects with lower price points is a lower-end customer base and the denigrating of the brand in the eyes of their traditional affluent customer,” Affluent Insights’ Mr. Ramey said.
  • “[However], certain luxury brands, including Vuitton, seem to have the brand elasticity that allows them to expand,” he said.

Calvin Kleins new fragrance:


Following on from the success of the brand’s previous fragrance launches, the advertising campaign for Reveal Calvin Klein features supermodel and Calvin Klein brand face Doutzen Kroes and British actor Charlie Hunnam in the erogenous embrace of a modern high-rise apartment.


Why is this successful:

  • Having a perfume is an extension to the brand
  • Consumers who cannot afford the higher end could use fragrances as an entry point into luxury label’s world.
  • It shows you want to expand your brand
  • Selling fragrances in department stores makes the company an indisputable force in the beauty industry.




2013 saw Burberry re-invent the love letter in digital form. Their clever campaign allows users to email letters to their friends and loved ones, sealed with a kiss that exactly reproduces their unique lip-print. The technology uses a simple webcam or smartphone camera to capture the lip-print of the letter sender and imprint it on the digital letter. Of course, users can also pick the shade of the kiss from amongst Burberry’s catalogue of lipstick colors.

The creative campaign teamed up with Google to get social media users sharing love, while simultaneously disseminating Burberry’s brand name. It was picked up by fashion bloggers, enjoyed weeks of publicity on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and was widely shared on Google+.





Eddie Redmayne and Cara Delevingne for Burberry

Burberry produces quintessentially English fashion, and chose two Brits who suited the brand well. Both actor Redmayne and model Delevingne fronted the brand’s spring/summer 2012 collections, sporting clothing in chic mustard and brown tones, as well as modern takes on the iconic trench coat. The brand capitalized on these stars’ moment in the spotlight: Cara was the model of the moment and Eddie was just about to start promoting the hit film Les Mis.

Nike ‘Just do It’

In the early 1980s Nike was not known for its fashionable sports clothes, and competitors like Reebok instead held the share of the market. Keen to be known for more than just a training shoe, Nike embarked on the ‘Just do It’ fashion campaign. The adverts targeted a wide audience and made it cool to wear sports clothing as casualwear, not just for exercising. This was a great success and in the 1990s their market share went from 18% to 43% and their sales vastly increased too.

Beckham for H and M

High street favourite H and M used world-famous David Beckham in 2012 for its Bodywear fashion line. Black and white photos of the footballer wearing tight underwear could be seen on billboards and in magazines, with his trademark tattoos and athletic body on show. We’re not sure how many men were drawn to purchasing H and M’s boxers, but the ad campaign was a hit with the women!.

Kate Moss for Calvin Klein

The world’s most famous model can partly attribute her success to the fashion campaign for Calvin Klein in 1992. Kate Moss was just 17 at the time, and made a brave decision to front the campaign, appearing topless with actor Mark Wahlberg. Despite the campaign launching her into stardom, Kate Moss has revealed more recently that she had a ‘nervous breakdown’ straddling Wahlberg for the photo shoot.


Why is this successful:

Roman (1976) gives other examples which include ‘Just do it’ Nike, and ‘No cavities’ Crest and ‘Think different’ Apple. The book explains, “Each of these campaigns helped build a brand recognized around the world. They did it with many different individual advertising executions in a variety of different media. What they have in common is consistent and coordinated programmes in all media over a long period of time. Brilliant one-shots make an impact and may work in the short term.”

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